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Why Was SCRUBS RRG Formed?

SCRUBS RRG was formed so that Urologists may regain control of their professional liability insurance destiny. SCRUBS RRG is dedicated to assuring the long-term availability of coverage at stable and reasonable prices to the specialty. The current chaotic and uncertain environment for professional liability insurance coverage threatening many groups' ability to practice underscores the importance of having a Urology-specific RRG.

The SCRUBS RRG Professional Liability Insurance Program

Subject to advance pre-underwriting clinical evaluation, detailed professional insurance underwriting, and the receipt of completed applications from the group and each physician in the group, SCRUBS RRG provides competent physicians a professional liability insurance policy with the following provisions:
•    Claims-made coverage
•    Prior acts coverage, subject to advance underwriting review and approval
•    Limits of Liability $1 Million / $3 Million / per physical claim / aggregate physician claim
•    Incident trigger for claims made coverage
•    Legal defense costs outside the limits of liability
•    Coverage provided for service on professional association committees

SCRUBS Mutual Assurance Company
Risk Retention Group (SCRUBS RRG)
is the only Urologic specific medical
professional liability insurance company.

It was formed by Urologists,
is owned strictly by Urologists,
and operates for the sole
interest of its members.

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