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Policy and Coverage

What type of policies does SCRUBS RRG write?

SCRUBS RRG offers medical professional liability insurance coverage with various limits of liability under a claims-made policy featuring an incident trigger. The policy provides coverage for claims made against policyholders arising out of the performance of professional services rendered, or that should have been rendered, by the insured during a coverage period specified in the policy. Claims asserted against an insured are only covered when they relate to an incident that took place during the term when the policyholder had coverage with the Company and only if such claim is reported to the Company during the period of coverage.

Multiple locations can be covered through one policy and prior acts coverage is available to include terminated locations. SCRUBS RRG's policy provides a run-off option for terminated locations.

Is SCRUBS RRG assessable?

No. SCRUBS RRG offers only non-assessable policies.

Are there mandatory deductibles?

No. There are no mandatory deductibles.

What limits are available?

Various limits are available to members; from $100k to $1M per claim. Individual policy aggregates are three times the per-claim-limit, and physician group policy aggregates are determined on a case by case basis.

In states where the statutory maximum limits are lower than set forth above, the maximum limits of coverage will be those allowed by statute.

Can additional locations/insured's be added once the group has signed the policy?

A group opening a new location may add that exposure to their existing coverage or start a new and separate SCRUBS policy.

New practitioners can be added once the physician has submitted an individual physician application which has been approved by the underwriting team. Insured's are encouraged to adopt SCRUBS RRG’s standards for training and practice history into their criteria for recruiting.

Is an extended reporting period or tail coverage be offered?

Yes. Tail coverage is offered. Any requests for tail coverage must be made by the insured in writing not later than 30 days after the policy expiration date or effective date of cancellation or termination of coverage.  
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