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The Claims Process

Who is responsible for handling claims for SCRUBS RRG?

SCRUBS RRG's Claims and Risk Management Committee uses the services of Experix, LLC, a recognized expert in medical professional liability third party claims administration.

Who represents me? Can I choose my own attorney?

Experix recommends recognized and skilled defense counsels to SCRUBS RRG's Claims Committee, from their panel of pre-screened defense attorneys. However, members can recommend an attorney of their choosing and SCRUBS RRG may grant such a request.

Will SCRUBS RRG grant Consent to Settle Authority to insureds?

No. SCRUBS RRG wishes to avoid the rare but inevitable situation of having an intractable insured physician behave detrimentally to the greater good of the RRG. Where SCRUBS RRG faces such issues, the insured group will be asked to join SCRUBS RRG in reviewing the issues at hand to determine the final course of action.

Who reviews the adequacy of SCRUBS RRG's loss reserves?

SCRUBS RRG's Claims Committee engages with Experix in the investigation of each claim and together determines the proper reserve amount for each claim. All claims will be reviewed by the SCRUBS RRG Claims Committee in preparation for its reporting to the SCRUBS RRG board at each board meeting. Annually SCRUBS RRG's independent actuarial firm also performs a loss reserve valuation study and certifies the adequacy of the loss reserves.

How are settlement offers determined?

SCRUBS RRG physicians serving on the claims committee work with Experix staff to determine recommended settlement amounts. All recommended settlements are approved by the SCRUBS RRG board within a general review of each claim.

Are risk management services offered?

Yes. Effective risk management is a primary goal of SCRUBS RRG. Since SCRUBS RRG is specialty specific, it is able to examine losses and discover which factors of risk management result in the most impact to claims reduction. SCRUBS RRG also benefits from the ability of its physician members to share ideas as to the risk management in place at their specific practice, thus creating an ideal setting for innovative risk management programs to flourish.

Need to Report an Incident or Claim?

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