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Effective risk management is a primary goal of SCRUBS RRG

Since our focus is specialty-specific, we are uniquely able to examine claims more discriminately. This enables us to discover which factors of Risk Management result in the most reduction to claims exposure. SCRUBS RRG also benefits from the ability of its physician members to corroborate their own successful risk management efforts. These combined factors have helped to create the ideal setting for innovative specialty-specific risk management programs, such as ours, to flourish.

What causes Urology claims?

According to data from the Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA), the most common presenting medical conditions for which claims were filed in 2003-2012 against Urologic surgeons were upper tract calculi. These claims resulted in an indemnity payment 30% of the time.

For claims closed in 2012, the most prevalent presenting Urologic conditions that resulted in claims involved Prostate cancer, Kidney cancer, Calculi, and BPH. Among 2434 Urologic surgery claims closed between 2003 and 2012, approximately 10% involved operative procedures on the kidney, followed by procedures involving the prostate.

But we also know that not all claims are related to surgical or diagnostic issues. Office dynamics, communication, and records related issues can also significantly impact claims. In order of frequency, the following five issues were medico-legally problematic:

  1. Consenting issues, Breach of Contract
  2. Documentation issues (history, physical, and/or diagnostic evaluations)
  3. Communication between providers
  4. Medical records
  5. Abandonment
You can significantly reduce the risk of a claim by following some simple practice standards. Please take advantage of the member-protected content on this site that is designed to help reduce your exposure. 
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Dr. Ernest Sussman, VP Risk Management, is one of the co-founders of SCRUBS. He is your immediate resource for access for consultation on risk issues (via email or phone), and practice and process reviews including onsite practice visits when deemed appropriate.

For all your Risk Management questions, please contact Dr. Sussman 
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